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Bus from Las Vegas to LAX Airport or Hotels

Buy bus ticket from Las Vegas to LAX Airport or Hotels online

Bus to LAX Airport or Hotels from Las Vegas, wireless internet services is included, buying the ticket online makes it cheaper and faster than purchasing it over the phone or at the location.

In order to purchase a ticket you must press the "Buy ticket" button in the form presented above.

Note: Bus ticket prices, departure/arrival times and leaving/drop-off locations can all be viewed after choosing your route and pressing the "Buy ticket" button. By pressing the "Buy ticket" button you are not prompted to actually buy the ticket.

Information about LAX Airport or Hotels:

The Los Angeles International Airport is also referred to by its airport code LAX. Located in Southern LA, LAX is the sixth busiest airport in the world, with near to an astounding 60 million passengers in the last year. It is therefore no surprise that all of the major airlines of United States have this airport as one of their main priority stations, with direct flights running from almost all continents of the world. The letters LA stand for Los Angeles while the letter X does not represent any word but is only placed there due to the ever increasing number of airports because of which all airport codes have been changed from two letters to three. The massive 3500 acres of the airport also accommodate bases for the National American Coast Guard and Coast Guard Air Station. Built way back in 1928 on a farming strip more than two and a half square kilometers in area, LAX airport is filled with history and events. The airport contains many lounges where you can relax and wait for your specific flight along with as many as nine terminals within it, which form a semi circular shape when viewed aerially.

The LAX Airport can be reached easily via many of the buses travelling within the city of Los Angeles as most of them tend to include the airport in their daily route due to the amount of people travelling to it. The airport unfortunately is subject to a lot of accidents annually, mostly because of the hustle and bustle that define its every day activities, the most accident stricken time for the airport has been in this decade with the ever increasing American demand for air travel and therefore for this airport. There is also a Flight Path Learning Center at the LAX Airport.

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Bus from Las Vegas to LAX Airport or Hotels